Genre is a tricky thing in general, but it can get even more complicated when it comes to video games. It’s purpose is the categorizing works within a medium so consumers can find more of what they’re interested in. You like the film Alien? It fits nicely into science-fiction horror. Knowing that you can lead yourself into Sunshine, Event Horizon, or Pitch Black for finding a similar buzz. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll love all films within a genre equally. It at least puts you into the right field to begin your search for more films though. As I mentioned it gets especially tricky when it comes to games. Particularly because it creates false expectations spawned from misunderstanding which part we’re applying the genre label to. Thinking about it I can identify at least three different aspects of a game that people try to correlate genre to. Let’s take a look at each of them and what impact they have when considering the game’s genre.

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