Today’s the big day! My last day of vacation off of work and the SNES Classic Edition releases. I didn’t bother to preorder it because I thought it’d be too much of a crap shoot like the NES Classic was. It’d be cool to nab one and play some old games that I remember, properly, and have a dedicated system for it. It’s too easy to emulate these days and even easier to put no value into it since it’s easy come easy go. Not to mention with the birth of multi-function devices it’s harder and harder for me to just concentrate on the game I want to sit down and play. Before you’d plop down and jam a cartridge in and just leave it there for hours. No OS to navigate. No tools, settings, or digital stores to waste time on. No internet to browse, twitter to check, or waiting for updates. All of this sounds awesome and yeah, it’d be cool to grab and SNES to revisit some of my favorites like Secret of Mana and Donkey Kong Country. Sounds nifty and I’m in for all of this. With a bit of luck and friendly communication I found myself lined up outside of Best Buy about an hour before open and secured myself a system.

Yet… Something else happened that I wasn’t expecting when I got home. I kind of sat down, pulled the classic out of my bag, and was knocked off my geeky high as things got complicated emotionally.

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