Been playing a lot of Rocket League this past week online. I’ve noticed a lot of my teammates mean well but lack tact when playing. I decided to write up some advice in hopes of reaching as many people as possible. A beginner’s guide of sorts. It might mean the people I compete against get better, but it’s far more frustrating for me when my teammates score an own goal or cluster on the ball. All my time with Rocket League was spent on PS4. I don’t think there is much difference between the PC and PS4 version but I thought I should clarify. Anyways, here’s a bunch of tips to help improve your team play and hopefully your enjoyment of this fantastic game. I’ll break it down into General Knowledge, Strategic Thinking, Offensive Play, and Defensive Play.

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This is something we’ve all heard before. Usually at the start of a system’s life it’s the initial barrier of entry. The Vita has “no games”. The Wii U has “no games”. Now the PS4/Xbox One have “no unique games”. There’s always some weird qualifier to discredit what IS available on a system. Grand Theft Auto 5 is a perfect example, it “doesn’t count” because it’s available on other platforms. Or because it’s a remaster. Or because the wind is blowing east. It really comes down to whoever is making their case skewing the details to reinforce the image of X platform isn’t worth owning. What it (should) all boil down to is the game available on the system, and have you (personally) played it before? Because I’m not sure about you, but there are about a billion games that I should have played per critics and friends that I just never found time to get to. GTA5 is in that category. So why shouldn’t I add that to the pile of reasons for me to own my PS4?

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I realize this isn’t any great epiphany that fanboys gonna fanboy. It’s still fresh on my mind though as this week saw a blowout of content on PS4. I mean, just look at all this:

  • Tell Tales’ Game of Thrones Episode 3
  • Life is Strange Episode 2
  • Bloodborne
  • Borderlands: Handsome Collection
  • Slender: The Arrival
  • Metal Slug 3

There is probably over 100 hours of quality gaming in there. A lot of people will run down that list and without ever trying the game just write it off though as “nope, not into that kind of game”, running with a bias they formed years ago off a remotely similar game. Which whatever, that’s fine if you want to ignore a new experience. What that means this is really coming down to isn’t “There aren’t any games on X!“, but really “there aren’t any games that I want to give a try on X“. If that’s the case, maybe it’s time you start to try something new?

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So what exactly does it mean to be level 27?

Update 9/22/15 – The Taken King & Light Levels:
With the launch of The Taken King (TTK) they have completely revamped the level system. Most of what’s listed below has been retooled to fit the new Light Level (LL) system created for TTK. Thanks to a post over on Reddit we have updated information on how damage is calculated. I haven’t tested / verified this personally, but it seems to be legit. In short, raising your LL is the quintessential stat now for encounters. The key data is as follows:

  • Being one character level below the enemy reduces your damage output by 5%
  • Being two character levels below the enemy reduces your damage output by 28%

On top of that penalty there is a penalty that stacks on top if that comes from the LL differential

  • If the enemy is recommended at 40 LL or more over you they are immune to your attacks
  • If the enemy is recommended at 39 LL over you’ll incur a 50% damage output reduction
  • This penalty scales down through to where at being below the LL by 1 you will incur a 3% damage output reduction.

Some examples to put this into perspective, using a level 40 Guardian with 240 LL as the base.

  • versus a L41 enemy w/240 LL recommendation takes a 5% penalty
  • versus a L42 enemy w/290 LL recommendation would do no damage
  • versus a L40 enemy w/260 LL recommendation would take ~ 25% penalty
  • versus a L42 enemy w/241 LL recommendation would take ~ 31% penalty
  • versus a L40 enemy w/220 LL recommendation would take a 0% penalty

So far data suggests there is NO BENEFIT to exceeding the recommended LL / character level. In the event you are either 13 levels over the enemy even with them, you will only do 100% damage to them. Matching their character level and having 40 LL over their recommendation will still only do the same damage as if you matched their LL. Personally I want to do further testing on this but as it stands this seems to still be the case as Year1 Destiny.

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