I’ve talked across several different topics about gamers and their general unhappiness when it comes to their “favorite” medium. Just grabbing a quick few…

Hopefully you’ve gotten my drift off of those. Sitting back and looking at the larger picture this paints for me is two things. First, I desperately want to address the negativity within games with some hope of making strides towards improving it. Second, we don’t know what games are or how they affect us at all.

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“Vote with Your Wallet”. I hate that phrase. It’s generally used as a quick dismissal of something because consumers don’t like businesses “taking” their money. I agree with the message behind it, but can’t bring myself to use that buzz phrase because of connotations surrounding it. Normally the people using the expression have a pessimistic or unfair outlook on the games industry. They ignore the fact that it’s a business; paying for games allows the creators to continue doing what they do. It lets them make a career that they can feed their family with. Yet “voting with your wallet” is reserved almost exclusively when trying to discourage purchases, not to encourage supporting an atmosphere you enjoy.

Why is this on my mind this week? Three events in the gaming news.

  • Batman Arkham Knight announces a nondescript season pass for $40.
  • Mods for pay was tested on Steam over last weekend, then abruptly ended with refunds issued out for any purchases.
  • Ex-Rare team launches a Kickstarter for a colorful platformer, Yooka-Laylee.
    • … and secures $1.6m (600% of it’s goal) with nearly 30,000 backers within 24 hours.

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