About A Wink to the Past

This blog is maintained by Jon Poole and Chris//Punk.

Each post we’ll be looking back at games from our childhood, appreciating what was once pure and wonderful in video games growing up. Together we aim to take you back through personal memories of ours to recall a specific game each post to bring out those warm and fuzzies we have for them. The only thing we gain from this project is the joy of gaming, discussion, and an audience that looks forward to our goofy recollection of the video games that brought us up through childhood and beyond. Hopefully your own anecdotes come to mind and you’ll join us as we give A Wink to the Past.

New blog posts will be up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning.

Tweets will be shared on a specific game daily at 3p, 4p, 5p, 6p, and 9p, EST.

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