Robocop 3: Walk, Kneel, Shoot, Repeat

I’m eleven years old, it’s summer, and via Blockbuster I’ve somehow convinced my mom to let me rent Robocop 3 for the SNES. This is a big deal in and of itself because failure to return a copy of Star Tropics for an inordinate amount of time the previous summer had resulted in some quasi-legal threats. Yeah. Anywho … why Robocop 3? I don’t know! I’ve never been a huge fan of the franchise to be honest. In the world of Robocop or Terminator the time travel always gave the edge to the T-800. Sorry, Murphy.

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Mario Clash (Virtual Boy)

It seems like a life time ago – Back before there was a Wii or DS that gave Nintendo the ability to buy gold plated islands – They were at a place in the market trying to fight for their position in the games space. Sony was releasing the PlayStation, Sega Saturn was already on store shelves, and the SNES/GameBoy were fading platforms commercially. We’d be a year out from the Nintendo 64 or Pokemon. What they did have up their sleeves was a bold risk to follow up the beloved Tetris playing machine called the Virtual Boy. Chances are you haven’t ever played one, as by the end of it’s incredibly short life it only moved 770,000 units… or less than 5% of what the Wii U has sold at this point.

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Before they were Super…

“We are our memory,
we are that chimerical museum of shifting shapes,
that pile of broken mirrors.”
– Jorge Luis Borges

When the original Mario Bros. first came out in 1983 I was a year old and video-game-console-less, so I didn’t get around to playing it until 1990 when it was released as the Battle Mode in Super Mario Bros. 3. My brother and I discovered it by accident when our video-gaming was, temporarily consigned to the garage for a period of time. Whatever this quasi-exile was the result of is lost to the annals of family history. What I do know is this provided us with battered folding chairs, a worn card table with a cracking plastic cover, and a section of discarded carpeting for Tipper to sit and watch and receive the occasional back scratching or ear rubbing. And while Mario Bros. lacked the overwhelming charm of Super Mario Bros. 3, what with its many suits and variety of exotic worlds, Mario Bros. provided us with a no-frills, singular goal: clear these pipes.

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