Mega Man Monday

One year my parents happened to win a trip for two to Quebec via some kind of radio contest. They went, it was fun, end of story. Or was it the end of the story? You see, after spending the weekend with the radio hosts, my parents became fast friends with them, and continued the relationship to this day. What does that have to do with Mega Man 2? For me, everything. Because after that day, when the station was having a contest, very occasionally (I think twice ever) I was able to call up and be bumped to the head of the line and, if I remember correctly, I was even supplied with the right answer. It was a regular Quiz Show situation and I was a ten year old Ralph Fiennes.

On one such occasion I “won” $75, which meant I had enough to make a trip to the Mission Viejo Mall and pick a game and afterwards treat my family to lunch, which was more than fair. The lunch was at a place called Carrows and the game was Mega Man 2. I was immediately sucked into the world of Dr. Light (Wright?) and Dr. Wily and all of their wonderful robotic creations. I tackled different robot masters in different orders in order to suss out their weaknesses, I pored through issues of Nintendo Power for tips and secrets, and even consulted some of the older neighborhood kids. In my quest for Mega-domination I even kept a notebook with scores of passwords and drawings of robot masters that I dreamed up.

I hate you, most of all, Air Man.

I can’t tell you how many times I beat Mega Man 2 but it was a lot. I even started tackling Quick Man first, just for the thrill of the challenge. The Blue Bomber also appeared on Captain N: Game Master, and he became as iconic to me as Link or Samus, Little Mac or Mario. I remember writing short stories for third grade English that were basically Mega Man fan fiction and reading them out loud to the delight(?) of my friends and classmates. I maintained my Mega Man love after Mega Man 3 which had even cooler bosses than Mega Man 2 and also Rush, but I just couldn’t get into 4, 5, or 6.

Mega Man 3 has such a cool lineup. Shadow Man, Gemini Man, Magnet Man. Totally rad.

To this day, I still buy every Mega Man collection that comes out, in the vain hope that Capcom will revive the franchise and give us the modern Mega Man upgrade we deserve. Until then, I’m just a boy, writing on a blog, telling you how much I love Mega Man.

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