Double the Dragons, Double the Fun

Growing up, few games were a staple of every sleepover and birthday party like Double Dragon 2: The Revenge. It was a game that hit on every level, that everyone could enjoy. Challenging but not to hard, great co-op but still fun to play solo, good range of enemy-types and environments, and awesome moves. Double Dragon 2 did what a great action sequel should do, that is, it built upon the original and added better set pieces and a slightly more complicated set of moves while keeping the good stuff. I don’t even know how many times I cyclone and high jump-kicked my way through that game, but whatever my parents paid for it was money well-spent.

This is right before that knee sends The Mysterious         Warrior across the room.

There is one Double Dragon 2 memory I hold near and dear to my heart which took place more than twenty years ago. I remember that my parents had to be somewhere and we had a babysitter, a guy that went to church with us named Darin Harline. We didn’t often have a guy babysitter, so my brother and I took full advantage and convinced him to play a video game with us. In reality, Darin was two years older than me but that may as well have been 10, and as we were brawling our way through one of the levels he jump-kicked a guy off a cliff and quipped, “Have a nice trip, see you next fall.”

I. Was. Floored. At that point in time, I had just witnessed what I was sure was the height of cleverness and coolness.

Recently my brother was passing through my part of the country and ended up staying for a few days. Of course, we pulled up Double Dragon 2 via the Wii U VC and got our game on.

“Yeah, I started playing this with Zacky,” he said. “But we haven’t beaten it yet.”

Zacky is his seven year old son.

“Oh yeah?” I replied. “Do you guys know about save states?”

Turns out they did not, and we ended up beating Double Dragon 2 again that night, for old time’s sake. The next morning my brother left to go back home. He finished packing his car and we hugged it out.

“Have a nice trip,” I said knowingly. “See you next fall.”

“I already told you,” he said, “We’ll be back in like a month. Also, it’s June.”

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  1. This explains so much…
    Also, i was recently trying to decide which Double Dragon game to spend my spare Wii Points on. This one, right?

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